Friday, September 17, 2004

PsyACT - Psychologists Acting with Conscience Together

PsyACT is a site for "psychologists, counselors, and other concerned citizens around the world [who] act together to address issues that affect individual and community well-being through letters to editors, campus actions, teach-ins, & community activities". A nice resource and, unusually for critical psychology stuff on the web, it has a site feed - which I've promptly added to the list of feeds I read via Site feeds (aka webfeeds/RSS/Atom feeds) make it easy to keep track of when new stuff is added to a site without having to keep re-visiting the site. I actually discovered PsyACT because Scot Evans wrote a comment on this blog asking where our site feed is. It's near the top right of the blog and looks like this: [Atom feed].


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