Monday, September 27, 2004

Dennis Fox has a weblog

I just discovered Dennis Fox's blog. Dennis has published a great deal on critical psychology topics (such as Critical Psychology: An introduction, co-edited with Isaac Prilleltensky) and has assembled a collection of very useful resources on critical psychology.

In a recent post Dennis comments on Critical Psychology International (CPI), an intiative we recently mentioned on this blog but which is (I think) being coordinated by Louise Madden of Cardiff. Dennis was involved in launching a similar initiative in 1993, RadPsyNet, which he describes as now "somewhat moribund", and suggests that "it’s time to discuss how to maintain critical psychology organizations beyond their enthusiastic births, an issue with relevance to many kinds of politically progressive organizations".

I think in part we have to take our cue from the global political landscape where the trend seems to be towards looser, ad-hoc organizational forms that interlink and cooperate around particular issues and events, and then disappear again or become temporarily moribund. This may simply be a symptom of the the extent to which the left is in disarray and conservative forces and ideologies control everything, but there also seems to be something positive about these new styles of cooperation.


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