Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Majority of Americans think torture is OK

OK, so maybe it's not that strange that some American psychologists might be involved in torture, seeing as most Americans say torture is OK, at least in rare circumstances. This is according to an AP-Ipsos poll reported in the Guardian. And it's not only them, but also the majority of people in Britain, France and South Korea. At least in Canada, Mexico and Germany people aren't so sure, and in Spain and Italy most people are opposed to torture.


Anonymous jamie said...

Hello I am pat of the radical mental health collective in berkeley, California. We are hosting a conferance at the UC campus this spring. i am wondering whatyou are working on?
Thanks Jamie

We are a bay-area based radical mental health group that meets weekly and works on projects focused on exploring radical strategies for encouraging mental health and dealing with the emotional extremes conventionally labeled as "mental illness." We are a group of people who have all struggled with mental health problems either in our own lives or as allies to friends and family. We are trying to open discussion about alternatives, provide resources, and get dialogue going about mental health in our community. Our collective is open by invitation to folks who have a strong commitment to doing activist work around mental health issues.

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