Tuesday, November 09, 2004

International Critical Psychology Conference 2005

The call for papers for the International Critical Psychology Conference 2005 in Durban, South Africa, is out:

Beyond the pale -"outside the boundaries of the acceptable" - this is a defining feature of Critical Psychology. A psychology of the excluded and marginalised, both those who are socially displaced and those whose work and thought remain unacceptable to mainstream psychology.

Of course the phrase hints at another mischievous meaning: beyond the white world - the overdeveloped West with its intellectual imperialism and monopoly on academic resources. Even Critical Psychology has been guilty of lapsing into elite conversations between those who from a global perspective are in fact highly privileged, narrow in their domestic concerns, and almost as restricted in their theories and methods as those they so righteously denounce.

The conference runs from 28 June to 1 July 2005 and the deadline for submitting an abstract is 7 January 2005. More details at the Critical Psychology Conference website.


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