Monday, October 11, 2004

Derrida and superman die

Definitely a sign of getting old when one starts reading the obituaries. Christopher Reeve's death is getting a lot of coverage of course, but I was amazed at how unimportant Derrida seems to have become - just a tiny mention in the (South African) Sunday Times. The Times Online used the opportunity to try and make some witty remarks (A conceptual foundation for the deconstruction of mortality) while helpfully explains that 'deconstructionism is the nonsensical infantile "philosophy" that argues that words have no meaning'. Ah well.


Blogger Wax said...

Rip Derrida.


11:00 am  
Blogger JaneC said...

I found this really sad too. In The Guardian, there was an article a few days ago, exploring his impact in the most trivialising and dismissive way, implying that he was incomprehensible. I would imagine that being unintelligible to the likes of Julie Birchill is perhaps a complement?,6000,1325284,00.html

1:40 pm  

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