Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sign the Indymedia Solidarity Statement

Follow-up on a previous post about Indymedia servers in the UK being seized by the FBI: The servers have now been returned, but with no explanation from US, UK, Swiss or Italian authorities (all of whom were in one way or another involved). It is widely speculated, however, that the seizure is related to posts that were made on an Indymedia Web site that included photographs of two police officers investigating the anti-globlization riots in 2003 during the G-8 summit.

Probably the real danger of this sort of thing is not in the direct threat to free speech, but in the creation of a climate that makes it increasingly difficult to publish information freely. Indymedia will now think twice before publishing photographs of police officers. Web service providers think twice before signing up organisations such as Indymedia.

Indymedia has in the mean time put up a declaration in support of the Indymedia network, which it asks concerned people to sign.


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